Our Honored Donors

As with all dreams, making them a reality is the true challenge. Thanks to the support of the following donors, who have invested in this dream, the new center will transform cancer care for our community for generations.

Ms. Anita L. Adams
Adventist Health Care
Anonymous (17)
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Tau Lambda Omega Chapter
Dr. Gary L Anderson
Todd and Rachel Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Armstrong
Mrs. Sandra L. Baer
Susan and David Barcus
Seth Bardu
Ms. Mary Ellen Bertrams
F. Ward Blair, M.D.
Mr. Eric Bostick
Nate and Ronda Brandstater
Jan and Jerry Brasier
Mrs. Karla K. Brightman
The Brooke Family, In memory of Grandpa Larry
Ms. Maren Bubnick
Mr. Bryan Bucklew, In honor of Paul H. Bucklew
Ms. Cherry L. Buffenbarger
Mrs. Heather Burger
Terry and Dorothy Burns
Mrs. Madelyn L. Callender
Drs. Veronica Camacho and Alejandro Calvo
Ms. Marilyn N. Casebere
Ms. Nancy L. Casebere
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Castle
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Caviness
Mrs. Mari L. Chamberlain
Mr. Steven Chavez
Dr. and Mrs. Roy G. Chew
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Chung
City and Residents of Kettering
Bonni and Martin Clark
Ms. Sandra K. Clark
Dr. Suzanne Coleman and Mr. John Coleman
Don and Marty Compton
Ms. Vickie J. Cornick
Mr. Eric Crouch
Ms. Erin Culp
Danis Building and Construction Company
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Davies
Dr. Katherine L. Davis
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra Association
Dayton Power & Light Company
Mrs. Earla J. Donaldson
Dr. David and Diane Doucette
Ms. Penny Drazer
Mr. Timothy Dutton
The Feldman Family and Economy Linen & Towel Service Inc.
Ms. Nancy A. Ehrensberger
Ms. Rosemary Eisenhauer
Dr. Beverly Ervin and Mr. Richard Ervin
Faithsearch Partners, Inc.
Mr. Steven W. Falknor
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Faulkner
Joe and Gina Feller
Ferco Aerospace Group
Mrs. Michelle Fitzgibbon
Ms. Cheryl A. Fleming
The Fred M. Luther Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Fritzsche
Mrs. Teresa A. Fudge
Mr. Vincent Fuqua
Mrs. Deborah Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Green
Ms. Ann C. Greiner
Mrs. Betsy Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Gump, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Haas
Pastor Karl Haffner
Daniel and Eileen Haibach
Pastor Ron Halvorsen
Mr. Donald Harting
Dr. Sarah Hedrick
Mrs. Frances Heeter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heinrich
Mr. Lee Hieronymus and Ms. Cathy Koch
Mr. William M. Hilt
Mr. Paul Hoover Jr.
Mr. Stephen L. Hopf
Huffy Corporation
Ms. Melodie Huter
Ms. Nita A. Jennings
Ms. Sandra Johnson
Ms. Amy C. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Karpiak
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kaveney
Dr. and Mrs. Karl K. Kellawan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Kennison
Mrs. Sharon R. Kershner-Wingham
Kettering Family Foundation
The Kettering Fund
Kettering Network Radiologists, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keyes
Mr. Larry H. Kilmer
John and Doreen Knapke
Mr. and Mrs. D. Marty Knapp

Timothy and Sherilyne Ko
Mr. Lee A. Kockentiet
Ms. Elizabeth Koelker
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Koles
Ms. Cecile L. Krimm
Mr. Matthew W. Kuhn and Dr. Brenda K. Kuhn
Ms. Elizabeth M. LaForce
Mr. Jon K. Larrabee
Jonathan and Judy Leach
Dr. Victor W. Lee
John Lenz
Mr. George Lewis
Linda W. Lombard
Ms. Elizabeth A. Long
Mrs. Kelly Long
Dr. and Mrs. Shan Longanathan
Mr. Chris Macke
Fred and Mary Kaye Manchur
Dennis and Sheila Manion
Ms. Darlene Mann
Edward and Robin Mann, In memory of Lucile Mann
Ms. Laurie Mason, In memory of Melissa Sue Mason
John and Linda McCarthy
Pat and David McDonald
Jarrod and Heidi McNaughton
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Meilinger
Mrs. Julie Meineke
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Merl
Mr. and Mrs. Aric Merrill
Mr. Bear Monita and Ms. Barbra Stonerock
Mrs. Linda L. Moore
Mr. Derek J. Morgan
Ms. Holly Mullin
Mary and Jeff Mullins
Ms. Danette Murphy
Joseph and Patricia Nicosia
The Noble Circle Project
Mr. Walter Ohlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Orum
Ms. Linda L. Paquin
Mr. Leslie O. Parker III
Phillip and Donna Parker
Ms. Florence S. Parmenter
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Patten
Robert and Patricia Patterson
Frank and Carmen Perez
Mrs. Shelley M. Perez
Printing Express
Ms. Vicky L. Rasor
Mr. Steve R. Rauch
Roger L. Rickel
Judge Adele M. Riley
Mrs. Malia M. Rogers
Ms. Jayne Rudd
Dr. Ronald Goenner and Mrs. Jan Rudd-Goenner
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sackett
Mrs. Marilynne Saliwanchik
Mr. and Mrs. John Satterfield
Ms. Nichole Schreiber
Mrs. Diane D. Sefton
Ms. Karin Shanesy
Cynthia Shaw, In honor of Gerald Shaw
Mrs. Lisa M. Shivers
Mr. and Mrs. Tim P. Sholder
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Simmons
Ms. Deanette Sisson
Dr. David and Nancy Small
Joanie Smith
Ms. Mandy L. Smith
Mr. Ronald Stephens
Ms. Louise Stocks
Dr. Richard B. Studebaker
Mrs. Sheryl Sucich
Lois and Roger Sutherland
The Suttman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tanguay
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Tatar
Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson
Ms. Cynthia L. Tollinger
Ms. Linda S. Triplett
Truven Health Analytics
Ms. Michelle Tvaryans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vandeman
Drs. Jonathan and Janet Velasco
Ms. Julie Vincent
Ms. Kathy J. Wagoner
Mr. Matt Wahrhaftig
Mrs. Laura Wall
Mr. Charles Watson D.O.
Ms. Pamela J. Weaver
Mr. Robert L. Weigel
Dr. and Mrs. Dave Weigley
Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein and Dr. Susan Galbraith
Mrs. Michelle Wesney
Ms. Jennifer Winia
Mrs. Thecla R. Zech
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Zimmer